Prescription Request

Prescription change - 7 working days

Do not use the form for anything other than requesting prescriptions for medication that you have been prescribed previously by a GP.

Prescription requests can no longer be taken by telephone.

Please note that your prescription will be sent to the pharmacy you are coded for.  If you need to change this please contact the practice to speak to a member of the reception team or contact the pharmacy and sign a new agreement with the pharmacy of your choice.

How to request a prescription

Patients receiving repeat medication on a long-term basis will have a list of this medication printed on the right hand side of their prescription. This list can then be handed in, or posted to the surgery when a further prescription is required. If a stamped addressed envelope is included, we will return your prescription by post.

If the medication is not listed on the right hand side of your prescription then either a handwritten request or an on-line request is required.

  • Please do not call the Practice to check if your prescription has been processed
  • Do not order early, we will not issue requests placed more than 14 days in advance

All patients should have a nominated pharmacy that will collect their prescription from the practice on their behalf. Therefore there is no need to attend the practice as your medication will be available at the pharmacy

Please allow 7 working days before attending the pharmacy.